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We never stop improvements !!!
2015 : Some modifications have been made to answer to the new standards of the FFM.

2013/2014 : These years we buildt a new sanitary for the public on the circuit's center.

2011/2012 : Lots a works have been made by the volunteers !!
    - Reserve of water for the place of cleaning
    - A new wooden chalets for chip shop
    - Automatic watering of the circuit

2009/2010 : To correspond to the new fashion which is the respect for the environment, lots of old building have been removed to place a beautiful wooden chalets.
Also, all the circuit a new plateform of cleaning have been built, for more space and more convenience.


This year will remain engraved in the annals of the GST. Indeed, the new rule obliges all the clubs removed all the tires of lorry on the track to be approved by the FFM.

The volunteers thus worked to put back to the French standards the track Marcel Seery.

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